Chemist Position Open

Chemist Position Open

Job Title: Psychedelic Chemist (Synthesis, Natural Products & Natural Entheogens)

Job Description: Cubed Biotech is searching for a scientist to synthesize entheogenic natural molecules and help in the extraction and purification of naturally derived entheogenic molecules. As the end goal of all projects is to produce material for clinical settings, the candidate will work in a cGMP-certified facility and must be comfortable working according to these guidelines. This role will require independent problem solving and task management.


•  Synthetic Chemistry

•  Multistep organic synthesis

•  Organic chemistry

•  Natural product synthesis

•  Extraction

•  Chromatography

•  Recrystallization

•  GMP


The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining and performing & optimizing synthesis, extraction, & purification of controlled substance molecules while ensuring product quality and consistency.

•  Carry out synthesis of entheogenic compounds

•  Follow established synthetic protocols to reach monthly/annual quantity targets for desired target molecules

•  Scouting of new routes to molecules of interest

•  Purification of final compounds to API levels of purity

•  Maintain meticulous documentation as required by GMP regulations

•  Extract, isolate, and purify target molecules

•  Coordinate with lab members to schedule extractions when raw material is ready

•  Handling and pre-extraction processing of raw materials (plant, fungus, biomass, etc.)

•  Use of chromatographic, recrystallization and other methods in order to purify extracted products to API levels

•  Adhere to regulatory and safety requirements

•  Monitor and maintain the quality and consistency of substances & products

•  Maintain detailed laboratory records and protocols

Required Skills & Experience:

•  Degree in Chemistry with experience in the areas stated above

•  Desired laboratory skills: Ability to execute air and water sensitive chemical

reactions, and the ability to work on milligram to multigram scale reactions,

•  Experience in modern chemical characterization techniques (NMR, HPLC-MS)

•  Extensive experience in the purification of chemical compounds via flash chromatography, HPLC, recrystallization, distillation etc

•  Ability to follow complex and detailed protocols

•  Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize tasks

•  Good communication and teamwork skills

•  Ability to adhere to strict laboratory protocols and safety requirements

•  Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills

•   Must be conscientious and passionate about this field.

•  Experience in the isolation of natural products from plant or fungal material

•  Experience in large-scale synthesis to produce tens of grams of material at the end of a multi-step synthesis

•   Salary: Competitive, based on skillset and experience

•   Medical and Dental Benefits

•   Paid time off, including holidays

Fully on-site in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, on the Island of Montreal.

Cubed Biotech is a psychedelic biotech company focused on the research and development of controlled substance molecules for therapeutic purposes. We also develop Natural Health Products like Meridienne chocolates, which contain our natural ingredients with certified health benefits. Our mission is to promote mental health and wellness through innovative products and research.

If you are passionate about the potential of psychedelic molecules to alleviate mental health and promote wellness, and have experience in chemistry, extraction & synthesis, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

If interested and think you are a good fit, please email your CV and Cover letter to