The Natural Path: Why Cubed Biotech Embraces Entheogens Over Synthetic Psychedelics

The Natural Path: Why Cubed Biotech Embraces Entheogens Over Synthetic Psychedelics


Welcome to the world of Cubed Biotech, where we have embarked on a journey that celebrates the wonders of natural entheogens. In a world where synthetic psychedelics are gaining popularity, Cubed Biotech takes a different path—one that leads us back to the bountiful embrace of Mother Nature herself. Join us as we explore the reasons behind our focus on natural entheogens and the unique benefits they offer.

1. Harmony with Nature:

By working with natural entheogens, we honor the intricate wisdom of nature's design. These sacred plants have coexisted with humans for centuries, playing an integral role in cultural and spiritual practices with non-addictive properties. By focusing on natural entheogens, we pay homage to their historical significance and seek to maintain the harmony between humanity and the natural world.

2. Full Spectrum Healing Potential:

Natural entheogens have long been revered for their profound healing properties. They possess a holistic approach to wellness, addressing not only physical ailments but also emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Their unique chemical composition, often accompanied by synergistic compounds, offers a comprehensive and nuanced therapeutic experience that synthetic psychedelics may not replicate. Our R&D would be incomplete without studying each tryptamine in psilocybe mushrooms.

3. Cultural Heritage and Respect:

By centering our efforts on natural entheogens, we recognize and respect the cultural heritage surrounding these plants. Many indigenous communities have cultivated and worked with entheogens for generations, holding sacred rituals and wisdom that go hand in hand with their traditional practices. At Cubed Biotech, we aim to work collaboratively with these communities, fostering respect, understanding, and sustainable practices that honor their knowledge.

4. Ecological Sustainability:

The natural world is a fragile and interconnected ecosystem, and we must tread lightly upon it. By focusing on natural entheogens, we align our efforts with sustainable practices. Cultivating these plants allows us to work in harmony with nature, promoting biodiversity, protecting delicate ecosystems, insuring the longevity of these precious resources and developing semi-synthetic alternatives to protect the environment.

5. Wholeness and Personal Connection:

There is a unique sense of connection and authenticity that natural entheogens offer. They provide an opportunity for individuals to engage with themselves, their surroundings, and the cosmos on a deeply personal level. The organic nature of these entheogens allows for a more nuanced and personalized experience, fostering a sense of wholeness and self-discovery.


While synthetic psychedelics have their place in research and development, Cubed Biotech has chosen a different path—a path that embraces the wisdom and power of natural entheogens. By doing so, we honor the rich history, promote holistic healing, respect cultural heritage, support ecological sustainability, and foster personal connection. Join us on this natural journey, where the beauty and magic of entheogens unfold, enriching our lives and expanding our consciousness.